CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exam

The CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exam

The CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exam is a 3.5-hour multiple-choice examination composed of 110 multiple-choice questions. The questions are designed to test a candidate’s ability to apply their knowledge of employment and workplace law within the overarching topics of employment contracts and terminations, employer obligations, and rules and legislation.

Emond Exam Prep offers a realistic full-length CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Practice Exam that serves as an interactive study aid to help you achieve your desired results on the exam. Emond Exam Prep’s practice exam is designed to mimic the content and structure of the professional exam with 110 challenging and realistic multiple-choice questions. Upon submission, you will be able to review your answer choice for each question, along with the correct answer choice and an explanation that provides additional clarification. For a realistic experience, aim to complete the full exam within a 3.5-hour limit.

The practice questions, which cover the material tested on the CHRP/CHRL exam, have been created and verified by subject matter experts who have taught and/or practiced in the field of employment law. They are designed to help candidates prepare effectively for the exam by testing their understanding and application of the required competencies and identify gaps in their knowledge.

By incorporating our substantive practice exams into your studying regimen, you will feel confident both in your knowledge of the necessary material and your ability to complete the required number of questions in the allotted time.

Are you writing the CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exam? Start by reading the free CHRP/CHRL Exam Preparation Manual for key tips and strategies that will help you prepare effectively for the exam:

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Practice Exam

CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Practice Exam
Price $60 $40 + tax
Format 110 multiple-choice questions
Timer The timer begins counting when you answer the first question, but is no longer visible as you write your exam.  A summary report will be provided upon exam completion. This report will include your time performance broken down by subject area and how long it took you to answer each question. If you would like to pause the timer and resume the exam at a future date, you must return to the dashboard or close the tab. For a realistic exam simulation, you should complete 110 questions in 3.5 hours.
Content The practice exam questions are formulated to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and application of the required competencies that will be tested on the CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exam. The structure and content of the practice exam is designed to mimic the professional exam, and questions are developed and verified by subject matter experts who taught and/or practiced in the field of employment law.
Exam Review Upon exam submission, you are presented with your overall score as well as the breakdown of different subject areas and how you scored in each of them. You can review each exam question to see the answer you selected, the correct answer, and an explanation.
Access Period You will have access to your practice exam and results from the date of purchase until the next scheduled CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exam testing period, at which point your exam will expire. You may attempt the practice exam up to four times during this interim. Questions remain the same on all attempts.
Free Sample Try the free 10-question sample exam to see how it works. Just make sure you are signed in or signed up first!

The below student testimonials have been printed with permission.

“The price was right for this one. Not only did it give you a practice test and an actual timed test, it was real situational questions that were challenging. I really appreciated how after I completed the test, not only did it give me an explanation for why the correct answer is the correct answer. But most of the questions had references to refer to for extra help and studying if you need more clarification. Glad I tested myself before the CHRL with this and studied because I passed my first try!”

— Elizabeth Colavita, 2020

“Great way to gain knowledge and discover what needs more attention. Really enjoyed the breakdown for the answers—referring to different Acts, etc.”

— Briar Banks, 2019

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Student Testimonials

The below student testimonials have been printed with permission.

“The Emond practice exam was a very helpful tool when I prepared for the CHRL employment law exam. I also purchased the Edmond Employment Law textbook which provided alot of detail and relevant cases. Both of these were strategic choices and I successfully passed the exam.”

— Raquel Sova, 2020

“Emond’s practice exam simply builds the confidence level that is necessary to write the actual CHRP/CHRL exam.”

— Md Saiful Islam, 2020

“Not a lot of exam preps exist for the ELE, so when there is one (like Emond’s) I appreciate that it structured in the same format as the questions on the ELE. Most study guides don’t include an explanation with every question to teach you why the correct answer is correct. Emond’s test does, which is an added study guide in addition to the practice exam itself.”

— Anna Tran, 2020

“Emond Practice Exam was very helpful for my CHRL ELE, because it provided additional topics and questions to practice, different than other resources.”

— Fatima-Zahra Azouay, 2020

“Extremely helpful study material in helping to prepare for the CHRP designation! Questions are structured similar to those on the exam, a great way to prepare for critical thinking and application of HR related concepts, legislation and real-life examples.”

— Chantelle Narain, 2020

“Really enjoyed this practice exam. I passed the CHRP employment exam the first time around, and I used this practice exam as one of my study resources.”

— Parnaz Ehsaan, 2020

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