Paralegal Exam

About the Paralegal Prep Course

The Paralegal Prep Course is an intensive exam preparation course that is designed to help students prepare successfully for the Ontario P1 Paralegal Licensing Exam. The course consists of a series of substantive lectures on the topics that will be tested on the paralegal exam, and includes an exam prep strategy component. Lectures are delivered by highly qualified instructors who are equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide students in preparing for the exam. The in-class course takes place prior to the August exam sitting each year, at an accessible Toronto location, and the online course is available year-round. Emond Exam Prep also offers an online practice exam that will enable students to confidently assess their strengths and weaknesses before entering the exam. Access to the online practice exam is included with in-class course registration.

Online Course In-Class Course
Availability Available year-round Takes place once each year, before the August exam
Format Video taped lectures that are accessible 24/7 during the rental period. They can be fast-forwarded, rewound, and re-watched. In-class lectures from 9:30am-4:30pm daily, and access to the online practice exam.
Course Length The online course consists of 18 hours of video lecture, and the rental period is 90 days. The in-class course consists of two full days of lecture, held two weeks before the August licensing exam.
Exact dates are posted in the bottom section under Registration Options
Course Materials Slideshow presentations are displayed alongside video lectures, and can be requested as PDFs. Slideshow presentations are provided as printouts at the beginning of each class, and are also available online as PDFs.
Practice Exam For purchase separately. Included with in-class exam registration.


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Course Syllabus and Instructors

Instructors for the Paralegal Prep Course are dynamic and experienced law professors and senior members of the bar and bench. They are committed to ensuring that their students will pass the Paralegal Licensing Exam. You can view each instructor’s biography by clicking their name in the course syllabus.

The course syllabus for the 2016-2017 in-class course is posted below, and the syllabus for the online course is also viewable beneath it.


Friday, July 22, 2016 9:30am – 12:00pm Civil Litigation Process Lindsay Scott Associate, Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein
1:00pm – 3:00pm Administrative Law Emily Lawrence Partner, Paliare Roland
3:00pm – 4:30pm Practice Management, Ethics and Professional Responsibility Michelle Roy McSpurren Instructor, Sheridan Institute of Advanced Learning and Technology
Saturday, July 23, 2016 9:30am – 11:30am Criminal/Quasi Criminal/POA Procedure Jessyca Greenwood Founding Lawyer, Greenwood Defence Law
11:30am – 12:30pm Canadian Law Professor Paul Emond Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School
1:30pm – 4:30pm Exam Preparation Strategies
How to Index
Sample Practice Questions
Michael Wade Associate, Morse Shannon LLP

→ Click here to view the syllabus for the Online Paralegal Preparation Course

22 min Jurisdiction and Fundamentals of Canadian Law Professor Paul Emond Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School
President, Emond Publishing
1 hour 36 min Ethics and Professional Responsibility Trevor Farrow Associate Dean and Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School
2 hours 48 min Criminal Law and
Provincial Offences
Justice Rick Libman Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto Region
1 hour 16 min Evidence Justice Sheila Ray Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto Region
51 min ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution Professor Paul Emond Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School
President, Emond Publishing
3 hours 13 min Administrative Law
Tribunal Practice and Procedure
Marcel Mongeon Partner, Ross, Mongeon, Covello & Co.
1 hour 43 min Residential Landlord and Tenant Law Sean Henry Vice Chair of the Landlord and Tenant Board
57 min Employment Law Lindsay Scott Associate, Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein
2 hours 4 min Torts, Contracts, and Small Claims Court John Allen Partner, Allen & Allen, Barristers and Solicitors
1 hour 22 min Civil Litigation Darryl Singer Founder, Singer Barrister Professional Corporation
53 min Paralegal Studying Tips with Justice Rick Libman Justice Rick Libman Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto Region
30 min Licensing Exam Study Strategies With Paul Emond Professor Paul Emond Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School
President, Emond Publishing

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Paralegal Preparation Course Video Trailer

The below Paralegal Preparation Course Video Trailer provides an idea of what the online course consists of, and what to expect from the in-class lectures. It includes feedback from past students, as well as video excerpts from the online lectures.

Paralegal Preparation Course Video Trailer

Begin the Paralegal Preparation Course.

Exam Preparation and Strategy Sample Clip

With Justice Rick Libman

Begin the Paralegal Licensing Exam Study and Preparation Session.
Included with the full Paralegal Preparation Course.

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Student Testimonials

The below testimonials have been printed with permission of the students.

“The Paralegal Exam Preparation Course has been extremely informative. The instructors that taught the sessions were experienced lawyers or professors. They were able to explain those questions that my college professors couldn’t. Most importantly, they gave me great tips on how to prepare for the upcoming paralegal exam. Finally, I was able to create professional contacts with future paralegals. I feel confident I will pass the licensing exam after doing this course. I would recommend it to anyone that will write the paralegal licensing exam.”

– Valdis Cuvaldin, Fleming College, 2015 Paralegal Exam Prep Student

“Emond’s Paralegal Exam Prep Course was able to bring an array of legal professionals such as Deputy Judges, Lawyers, and Justices of the Peace who combined theories and examples from the field, provided a huge breadth of knowledge tying professional ethics with substantive material. I would highly recommend this course because it will help narrow the topics and focus on preparing for the exam.”

– Yohne Yogeswaran, TriOs College, 2015 Paralegal Exam Prep Student

“The course has greatly helped prepare me for the exam. The PowerPoints and handouts are great resources and I will be taking them into the exam. This course was also a great place to make connections with the other participants and the lecturers. So glad I decided to take the course!”

– Marissa Kurin, Humber College, 2015 Paralegal Exam Prep Student

“This course really helped me to focus on what is important for the exam, and the study tips from Paul Emond were very helpful.”

– Anita Kumar, Humber College, 2015 Paralegal Exam Prep Student

“Extremely happy that I purchased this practice exam! The questions on the practice exam give you a great idea of what the questions on the actual exam will look like, and also the difficulty is about the same on both exams. It makes studying more enjoyable; instead of just reading your book you’re able to see how much you really know.”

– Alivia Goldenberg, August 2014

“The questions were a good representation of the actual questions on the exam. It was also extremely helpful to have the correct answers explained at the end of the practice test.”

– Nicole Slierings, August 2014

“As I work full-time, I did not have enough time to fully prepare for the LSUC Paralegal exam. As the exam was fast approaching, I was getting nervous. Two days before the exam I found this prep test and was very happy to have a way to better prepare. It came at the right time. I want to thank Emond Montgomery Publications for making this available. Not only did it help me, it also made a big difference to know that I can take a prep test from a source I trust.”

– Diana Achim, August 2014

“This practice test was just what I needed. Taking the test helped me focus my studying on areas I wasn’t too sharp on, and calmed my nerves. I recommended it to a few friends who all thanked me too.”

– Natasha Mann, August 2014

“The prep test made me feel confident for the actual test and gave me a good idea of the real test. Some of the questions were very similar to the actual test. It was definitely worth the money.”

– Anna Hrynko, August 2014

“A short – but highly relevant – cross-section sample of preparatory questions for the P1 Paralegal Licensing Exam. I quickly completed this on the morning of the exam, and the feedback provided in the answers was insightful, accurate, and reliable … their practice exam reflects the trustworthy research and assiduous attention to detail found in all of their legal textbooks and publications.”

– Christos Draxl, August 2014

“Great tool to assist you in preparing for the exam. My personal experience is that it gives you an idea of the sort of questions to expect, and helps you to figure out the areas that might need some more studying – it increases confidence.”

– Marianna Zaprudskaya, August 2014

“It has been over a month that I was looking for sample questions to help me with my exam preparation. I was so happy to find this practice exam because I knew that it would help me get a idea of the actual exam no matter what. Thanks a lot for having this.”

– Eddy Balambula, August 2014

“The practice exam will give you an idea what to pay attention to in the reading material. It was useful for me.”

– Elaine Elue, August 2014

“I used the paralegal practice exam and found it helpful in my studies and readiness to write the exam.”

– Karen Peuser, August 2014

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Practice Exam

Ontario P1 Paralegal Practice Exam
Price $90.00 + tax (CAD)
Format Online multiple-choice exam consisting of 170 substantive questions.
Timer The timer counts upward from the time that you begin the exam. It can be paused and your exam progress can be saved before logging out if you wish to resume the exam at a future date.
Content Questions have been formulated to evaluate a Candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and application of the required competencies that will be tested on the P1 Paralegal Exam. The structure and content of the questions are designed to mimic the Ontario P1 Paralegal Licensing Exam, with practical case-based scenarios. The substantive practice exam tests the following subject areas:

  • Evidence
  • Civil Litigation
  • Small Claims Court
  • Torts
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Summary Conviction
  • Administrative Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation Process
  • Professionalism, Ethics, and Practice Management
Exam Review Upon exam submission, you are presented with your overall score as well as the breakdown of different subject areas and how you scored in each of them. You can review each exam question to see the answer you selected, the correct answer, and a detailed explanation.
Access Period You will have access to your practice exam and results from the date of purchase until the next scheduled Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exam date, at which point your exam will expire. You may attempt the practice exam up to four times. Questions remain the same on all four attempts.

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Registration Options and Prices

Available year-round
Substantive lecture + exam prep
$395 tax incl.
  • Format: 90-day online video rental with 24/7 access
  • Length: 18 hours of video lecture
  • Course Materials: Slideshow PDFs available upon request
  • Registration: Open year-round
Available for August sitting only
Live lecture + exam prep + practice exam
  • Format: 2-day in-class course that runs 9:30am-4:30pm daily
  • Dates: Fri, July 22 & Sat, July 23, 2016
  • Location: University of Toronto campus, near Queen's Park Station
  • Course Materials: Slideshow printouts provided
  • Paralegal Practice Exam included, and accessible immediately upon registration
  • Registration: Closed
Available for August sitting only
Combines the in-class course, the online course, and the practice exam
  • In-Class: 2-days, 9:30am-4:30pm, downtown Toronto
  • Online: 90-day rental, 18 hours of video lecture
  • Course Materials: Powerpoint presentations provided digitally and as printouts
  • Paralegal Practice Exam included, and accessible immediately upon registration
  • Registration: Closed

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